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During a KIIS FM interview that aired Wednesday, Fall Out Boy’s lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump announced that he and wife Elisa Yao will welcome their first child together in late October. “I’m about to have a kid or a tattoo. I’m like the snows of Siberia—just untouched,” Stump joked of being the band’s odd man out.

Stump and Yao tied the knot in Chicago in September 2012.

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"Wanna see what happens when two massive goofballs dress all fancypants and get thrown in front of a bunch of cameras? Haha most awkward couple award." - Hannah Snowdon

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In honor of hitting 182k followers today, here is Rocket in her Blink-182 onsie!! :”’) #proudfather #poppunkkid #blink182

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